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Mr. Franck D. (49140)


I am very happy with my SV20 sensor.
It is installed on a south facing wall, the surface of the room where the air of the sensor blows is about 50m2 and our house is well insulated.
The 2 pellet stoves stop as soon as there is sun on the sensor.
Before, they worked permanently, we saved about 30 bags of pellets over 3 months and this purchase will quickly pay off.
At a temperature of 6/7°C outside, the heat blown by the sensor is between 40 and 50°C.

We are no longer cold on the back and we no longer feel moisture.
The material of the Standard range is very good, it is autonomous, which we appreciate.
I just ordered a second SV14 sensor and a 3° is planned at the end of the year to heat 2 other rooms of 16 and 28m2.

The material received was very well packed.
My interested cousin and sister-in-law will contact you, and people stopped to find out what this material was.

This testimony is published with the permission of our client Mr Franck D.

Design office for the preservation of materials French state aerospace


Bonjour monsieur,

Le Bureau d’étude en préservation de matériels a réalisé une étude détaillée sur le capteur solaire à air SolarVenti type SV20

Vous trouverez en pièce-jointe notre rapport d’étude détaillé :

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Stef. V. (dépt 23 CREUSE)


Hello Mr Bouhot,
I would like to thank you for your good service and the impeccable delivery of my order.
As a result, I was able to install the panel a few weeks ago,
and I would like to let you know that the system works flawlessly,
it’s really a pleasure to be able to recover the heat of the sun even a small ray is enough.
The people who come to see us are all interested in this system and I gave a lot of information afterwards.
so maybe you will still have other customers…

I continue to advertise!
I wish you good luck and good luck, as well as to your spouse!
While thanking you,

S.V (dépt 23)

Alain F. (Dépt 06 Alpes Maritimes)


Hello Mr. Bouhot,
My parents ordered a solar panel in 2020.
We were finally able to complete the installation by properly caulking all the ducts, inside and out.
The panel is on the roof because it was not possible to place it on the wall (shade on the facade and sunshine).
Finally, it is in the Southern Alps, at an altitude of 1500m and, for the time being, fulfills its function well since it pulses hot air all year round in the house.
The latter is old (several centuries) and the supply of hot air can only be beneficial to the old stones and the vaults.
The sheath length means that the urge is modest, but very real.
My father is very proud of the installation and asked me to send you photos.



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Jean-Paul W. (Vosges)


Madam, Sir, Good evening
Your SV14 is a marvel, it has been working for two days.
I have just filed with the town hall a declaration of work for an SV30.
Hope you will have a black(R) one in stock in a month with 3m of insulated sheath.
But in the (unlikely) case that permission is denied,
I will take you instead a black SV20R with corner kit to mount it closer to the ground.
To be seen on October 20, but I hope you will have what you need in stock!

Thank you for everything and have a good evening!

Jean Paul W. (dpt 88)

La maison écologique édition 129 (juin-juillet 2022)


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ECOLOMAG édition mars/avril 2022


CAPT’AIR SOLAIRE is also featured in the following journals :

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Revue Bio Contact 12/2021


CAPT’AIR SOLAIRE is also featured in the following journals :

Les 4 saisons du jardin Bio


La Maison Ecologique

Pluriel Nature


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Robert J. Région MANOSQUE (Dépt 04)


Hello Mr. BOUHOT,
I took a temperature reading in my house (living area 85m², ceiling height 2.5m) today, the details of which I am sending you:

Clear sky, wind 40 to 50km/h

▬ 7h30 TE (Outside temperature) = -2° , TA (apartment temperature) = 19°
▬ Sunrise at 8h15
▬ Temperature test at the duct outlet every 1/4 hour, I start to find hot air at 9:15 a.m..
▬ 9h15  TE = -1° , TS (duct outlet temperature) = 24°
▬ 9h30 TE = 0° , TS = 34°
▬ 10h    TE = 3° , TS = 43°
▬ 11h.   TE = 5° , TS = 44°
▬ 12h.   TE = 7° , TS = 49°
▬ 14h    TE = 6° , TS = 43°
▬ 16h    TE = 5° , end of sunshine, TA (apartment temperature) = 23°

Conclusion: I am very satisfied, it is 6:20 p.m., RT = 21°, Madame is chilly, I start my pellet stove, I have saved 6 hours of heating.

Obviously you can use this data with pleasure.


M.Robert J.

Mme Maryse B. proche de l'Atlantique (dépt 85)


I am delighted with my solar collector.
Although it is positioned to the south-east, it operates until 4 p.m., while the direct sun left it from 2 p.m. Only one day with no sun (Storm Alex) and one day it only ran for an hour (the day after the storm).

Many people around me did not know and are interested, so I distributed all the advertising you had attached to my package.
Can you send me more?

Thanks in advance.

Mme B.
SV14 mural dépt 85

M.Chalbos Cédric


M.Chalbos Cédric I live in Lozère near Mende.
I installed an SV 20 on my facade and I am very satisfied. I was also able to record impressive temperatures in mid-season (67 degrees at the mouth outlet for an outside temperature of 19°C).
As a result, my oil boiler fires much less.
I therefore recommend sensors which are also very reliable due to their simplicity.

région de Chagny


We installed a SOLARVENTI sensor to ventilate a room of approximately 70m2 without ventilation.
3 collection vehicles are stored there.
We note that the ventilation provided by the sensor has removed the humidity formerly present on the bodywork
We are very satisfied with this installation

Arnaud, conseiller financier, Finistère sud


“After a winter where we were able to experience several periods of EDF load shedding (2007, 2010 etc.), and having only electric heating in our house, we decided to look for new heating solutions, to kitchen appliance, and manual shutters.
It has been almost 5 years since we bought an SV14 solar collector from the company CAP’TAIR SOLAIRE, in order to solve the heating problem.
To date, we are very satisfied with this device, which I installed alone.
Installation is made easy through the use of a supplied template.
When the wall drilling step is finished, there are 3 wires to connect and two bolts to tighten. (1 spanner and 1 screwdriver)
We have free heating that we can regulate using the built-in thermostat.
Concretely, in the space of 3 hours (10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) the 60 m2 on the ground floor gain about 2° to 3° more on the ambient temperature.
Free heating on the one hand, but a dehumidifier on the other.
Indeed, we noticed that the supply of outside air (new) circulated easily in our house, and this, undoubtedly thanks to our vmc.
Thus, the ambient air being easily replaced by warm and dry air, the hygrometry of our house is improved.
However, in Brittany, everyone knows that removing a few degrees of humidity in the house is good for you, you regain the feeling of heat more quickly.
In short, we are very satisfied.
To recommend !! »

M. H. Hautes-Alpes


Hello Mr. BOUHOT,

Just a quick note to let you know that the solar collector is operational and working perfectly well;
currently the temperature at the exit of the interior mouth is 32 degrees with an exterior temperature of 4 degrees (in the shade).

I wish you happy holidays.


M. H…
Route de M…

M. STÉPHANE B. région d'Auxonne (Dépt 21)


At the beginning of October 2017, we installed an SV30 on a south-facing wall with a corner kit.

The installation was quite easy Some rooms without openings to the south remained cool despite the insulation and double glazing, the very humid and therefore uncomfortable room was difficult to heat. This issue is now resolved. A Y distributes the air in two rooms. The supply air temperature often exceeds 40°C in each room for several hours with an outside temperature of around 5°C.

In the evening, the interior temperature remains high for correct comfort and during the day the stove often remains off. Our energy consumption has fallen sharply and we are making real savings on heating! Since then, we no longer look at the weather the same way. We are very satisfied with this acquisition, which we recommend.

Here is a picture of our setup



We are very satisfied with the SV30 installed on our house for 2 months now,
last reading: 8° outside and the temperature in the house (without other heating) was 17-18° at 1:00 p.m.
This sensor allows very good ventilation, the thermostat is a plus.
the material was well packaged and the delivery impeccable.
Thanks again for your professionalism.



Good evening,

I installed an SV 14 on my roof in December 2015 at the same time as the repair of my roof which I had insulated.
I live in the Alpes de Haute Provence.
I waited to have a little perspective before giving you a return.
Before, I used a kerosene stove and air conditioning in the off-season and during the winter I added the wood stove.
Since I got the panel, I no longer use the kerosene stove and very little air conditioning for heating. I only use the wood stove.
The panel blows even in sub-zero temperatures, which tempers the house during the day.
Therefore, I use less fuel to heat the house when I come home from work.
I have a two-story house and the panel blows in the under-roof where the bedrooms and bathroom are.
There was a distinct temperature difference between the two floors, so I used the CMV.
I draw air from the attic through the bathroom and exhaust it downstairs into the dining room.
The air is thus renewed everywhere.
I ran a simulation of my next EDF bill (I get it in June).
The savings should be 210 euros + the cans of oil that I no longer buy (about 80 euros) for a total of about 290 euros.
The air in the house is healthy and the comfort has been significantly improved.
My only regret is that I couldn’t have the second panel installed as I had planned.
I will not hesitate to contact you when I can.

M. Pascal K


Hello and thank you to Sylvain BOUHOT for his professionalism
material received on time and above all superbly packaged.
2 SV7 installed on a very easy mobile home with regulator
-> less humidity when rising
-> in the middle of the afternoon the exhaust vent is hot
I will have to order another SV14 to put on a garden shed converted into a whirlpool I think it will be great
sylvain if you go through lille you have my contact details
I will receive you with pleasure
sincerely pascal

M. Mme B..C secteur Nuits St Georges (21)


Installation of an SV30 in February 2017

The site went well, we used scaffolding + a ladder for drilling the wall and installing fixing brackets.

The installation required 3 people (2 with ropes pulled through the windows to lift the sensor equipped with straps and Christian below (on the scaffolding to help the climb, pass the thermostat cable, connect the sheath to the fan and position the aluminum profile at the bottom of the sensor on the brackets .

The sun was out all last week and the operation of the SV 30 (with 5 to 12° outside temperature depending on the time of day) gave us dry and warm air from 9:40 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The radiators in our room and living room equipped with thermostatic valves have stopped or greatly reduced with each operation of the Solarventi

The first usage report is therefore very satisfactory and we will not fail to report back to you on our customer experience by the end of winter. We attach some photos of the house with and without the sensor installed.

Very warmly C.

M. J.L


Good evening Mr. Bouhot,
I finished my installation this morning, and as the weather is great this afternoon, it got hot! The 1st floor, where we live, (80 m²), went from 19° to 21°, without boiler, while the outside temperature was 14°.
I am attaching some photos.

M. D.L. département 62


No worries about authorizing you to reproduce my email on your site in the NOTICE section by hiding my address and leaving the postal code

thank you again for this excellent material and for advice to future customers if necessary.
good reception

very cordially D… L…
To the attention of Mr Sylvain Bouhot
Following my purchase of an SV30 PANEL and the installation that I completed on September 2, 2016
I confirm the perfect functioning of all the thermostat and speed regulator and stop button included.
No worries for the assembly, the instructions are well done, to miss a step of the assembly you should really not pay attention, except that it takes less than two people to put it down and mount it on the roof.
Regarding the small depression during transport and well it was much less important once the protective plastic paper removed!, we can say that it is the protective plastic that took almost everything, so on this side there not to worry about, barely visible on the transparent plastic plate, as you asked me for some photos attached as attachments.
few people know this type of panel that deserve to be known !!
for information 29 ° c in the room at 11 a.m. after 1 h 30 of maximum operation and temperature outlet of the air vent 40 ° c for an outside temperature of 21.5 ° C and 47 ° c at 12:30 p.m. which is not bad at all
I am therefore very satisfied and I sent my cousin my instructions that you had put in my package who found it very interesting!
good reception
Sincerely D… L…
adrress : 62190

M. Sylvain M.


“Located in the center of the Var, we bought an SV30 with two objectives: to provide daytime ventilation, to heat the house and in particular the office which was the coldest room.
Since the installation (mid-March), the convector in the office has not been used, and we have had to operate the stove three times. It must be said that our house is very well insulated, but thanks to the sensor, the average temperature of the house remains closer to 20°C than to 18°C usually at this time of year.
A small downside: the wind tunnel noise can sometimes be disturbing, but by installing a sound duct, the noise is significantly reduced.
A good surprise: in our region, the sensor works even in cloudy weather, admittedly with a lower speed and temperature than in sunny weather, but the ventilation is still carried out. »

SV30 installé à Bourbon-Lancy (dépt 71)


Hello Mr. BOUHOT

Having acquired an SV30, put into operation since October 2015, I only get satisfaction from it.
The installation is simple, the device of very good quality and performance.
installed facing south, from the first rays the SV30 starts to blow a flow of new air heated and regulated by the thermostat.
Readings taken thermostat set: air flow on min and max temperature.

21 december at 9h30 outside weather 8° sensor output 22°,6
   11h30  11°  43°,2
   15h15  12°  20°,6
25 december at 9h10 outside weather 6° sensor output 20,6°
  11h15    8°  49°,2
  13h30 10°  46°,8
27 december at 9h45 outside weather 5° sensor output 33°,8
  13h25  11°  43°,1
  16h05  13° 23°,4
mild and sunny days for the season
PS: sensor placed on thermal insulation from the outside.
installation tips:
screw the fasteners provided on the same-sized skates then weld to a 20 cm long threaded rod.
drill the wall 10 cm deep and seal.
Green greetings

M. François P.


Owner of an SV30 and an SV20, I am completely satisfied with my choice.
The SV30, facing SOUTH-EAST, blows on the ground floor (90m²) and contributes greatly to its ventilation.
No more mold smell and a warmth that is felt during the fall and spring.
After installing the SV30 and given its performance, I added an SV20, facing SOUTH-WEST, to ventilate/heat the 1st floor (90m²).
As soon as the sun appears, a powerful breeze can easily renew the air in the home and even heat the living room without additional input.
The profitability of such an installation is not easy to calculate, but the reliability, construction and perceived performance are all reassuring elements for the buyer.
The 2 sensors are fixed on a cement tile roof with the specific interface ordered separately but very useful.
The shipment is very fast and the seriousness of the Captairsolaire company is exemplary.
François P.



I have been interested in air sensors for several years, hesitating between self-build and import.
The availability of Solarventi products directly through a distributor located in France made me take the plunge this summer of 2015.

It was a pleasure to have dealt directly with M Bouhot from Capt’air Solaire.
We simply agreed over the phone which models suited my project & the material was delivered on the agreed dates.

I installed the 2 models myself (SV20 then SV14). Installing it vertically on a chalet facade is simple.
The SV20 and SV14 are really very light and 2 people are enough for the installation after drilling.
The finish of the sensors is impeccable, they are also very thin. The know-how of the manufacturer Solarventi is visible.
As soon as the solar radiation is sufficient, the supply of heated outside air brings additional comfort to our home.
Renewing your indoor air during the heating season with these air sensors is a pleasure, it is in fact surprising that these simple solutions are not more widespread.
I encourage you to take the plunge!

M . Perez,

M.J.M BEAL (dépt 63)


Hello Mr. BOUHOT
Here are as promised the photos of my installation of the SV20 sensor on the south facade of my house
it is only 9 a.m., blue sky, fresh wind, outside temperature 10° and the air comes out at 24°;
yesterday from 11 a.m. the temperature at the exit of the mouth was 40°…and until 5 p.m.!

Installation fairly easy, high-performance equipment, I am a priori very satisfied with my acquisition.
thanks and greetings

J.M. BEAL (Dpt 63)

Charles Thomas


Hi Sylvain,
Sorry for not sending you some photos earlier.
Thought you would enjoy seeing one of your products on a old Charente house.
Very happy with the performance of the Solarventi, I am still considering further purchases and I certainly will recommend you to other possible clients.
Many thanks,
Charles Thomas

Dijon centre ville


January 10, 2011 (sun, clear sky) at 11:15 a.m.

With sv14 type device, wall mounting, SOUTH orientation, geographical location: downtown DIJON
Temperatures recorded with thermostat on max

  • outside in the shade 11°C
  • at sensor output max flow: 27°C
  • at the outlet of the sensor flow rate of approximately 50%: 28/29°C
  • at sensor outlet approximately 25% flow rate: 30°C
  • 31°C at 11h45
  • 32°C at 12h45
  • 32°C at 13h50… cloudless sunny sky.

Tuesday, February 25 (same place, same device as above) between 10:30 a.m. and 2:10 p.m.

Fine sunny weather, completely clear sky outside in the shade: 8°C
At the sensor outlet: between 27° and 32°, the difference is linked to the flow of the fan and manual adjustment of the air outlet radiator of the living room stopped….
ps: the heat output from the sensor is constant

Frédéric P. région ROANNE (dépt 42)


Excellent heating supplement. Thanks !

In the mountains of Roanne (border of the central massif, altitude 500 m), this early spring is cold. Last Sunday (March 29, 2020), it snowed 7-8 cm.
Since then, it has been freezing white every morning, but the weather is fine. Our two captair are very helpful.
Yesterday (March 31), they were blowing air at 36°, bringing us 2° more throughout the house, without touching the heating. While it was not more than 10° outside at the best of the day. In addition, the laundry dries better and faster.
At the beginning of autumn, the captairs allowed us to turn on the heating three weeks later than usual. I am convinced that we will cut it three weeks earlier at the end of the season…
Result after 6 months of use: 1 month ½ to 2 months of heating saved over the year and 2°C more comfort, it is appreciable and all beneficial. Thank you captair!

Frédéric – Roannaise mountain (42)

Summary: Excellent heating supplement.

This early spring is cold. Yesterday (March 31), our two captairs were blowing air at 36°, bringing us 2° more in the house. While it was not more than 10° outside.

Result after 6 months of use: 1 ½ to 2 months of heating saved and 2°C more comfort, it is appreciable and all beneficial. Thank you captair!

Frédéric – Roannaise mountain (42) – 500m altitude

cliente de M. Eric Avezza (revendeur)


Mr Eric AVEZZA introduced us to the SOLAR VENTI solar collector in May 2015. In September 2015 I installed a solar venti solar collector of 700 by 1000 on the roof of my mobile home. Facing south, parallel to the roof at 15cm. The mobile home is on private land in the region of Marennes(17).

During the winter I go to this region every 15 days for fishing which allows me to see the capacities of this solar collector in terms of heating. I gave this information orally to Mr Eric AVEZZA, but it is worth the cost of being written.
Several times I noticed in sunny weather with 7 to 8° outside temperature there were 15 to 18° inside the mobile home.
In March 2016 I arrived at the mobile home around 8:00 p.m., the car indicated 8° inside there was still 17°5 with a good feeling of dry atmosphere, the heating that I started when entering had no problem to raise the temperature to 20°.
On May 3, 2016 it was 12 to 13°, sunny, a not hot north wind, we had 25° in the mobile home which allowed us to regulate the temperature down to 22°.

In previous years we put salt blocks to dry the air and limit the effects of humidity with mold on the walls and fabrics. For winter 2015/2016 none of that, the SOLAR VENTI solar collector had its effect, in comparison with other mobile home owners who had a lot of problems with a particularly wet winter and early spring 2016.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and thank Mr Eric AVEZZA for introducing me to this product.