Large buildings range

solutions adapted to professionals

SolarVenti offers two types of elements

The common objective is to heat and ventilate large-volume buildings at a lower cost.
Faced with traditional energies, the recovery of air heated by the sun becomes obvious for a rapid return on investment: purchase price + installation costs + reduced electricity consumption.

General data

To heat a room under a height of approximately 2.50m, provide two boxes per 100m².
the air inlet temperature being programmed by the temperature sensor regulation.
these estimated data should be put into perspective according to the insulation of the buildings in particular.

Our Standard Range and our G-Range are also available.

Solar modules

Installation on the ground, on a herringbone wall or parallel to the walls, or on the roof with specific supports.
A basic module is supplemented with 1 to 10 communicating modules.
The air is sucked in by a fan and distributed throughout the building.
Advantage: each 2m x 1m x 0.36m module recovers large volumes of air.
We are at your disposal to study your installation project.

Solar walls

Realized on the basis of elements of 3m² (3m x 1m x 7.5 cm) juxtaposed and communicating. This assembly can be made from 2 elements.
The possibilities are very varied and adapt well to large buildings with multiple vocations (industrial, craft, sports, municipal)
The installation does not present any particular difficulties for a composition of a few elements.
Advantage: ease of implementation and minimum space on the wall.