With the sun, an ingenious solution to ventilate, dehumidify and reduce the cost of your heating!

Use air warmed by the sun…. a simple, ingenious, economical, ecological, inexhaustible, pollution-free and renewable proposal.

Aerothermal energy combines energy saving, efficiency and environmental protection.

Affordable, this system does not generate any special maintenance, operating costs, meters or taxes!

The solution proposed by SOLARVENTI since 1981 challenges the exponential and uncontrollable cost of traditional energies!

Fresh air, filtered, dry, warmed by the sun will help reduce your heating costs, ventilate and clean up your living space.

To counter the humidity that degrades your property or to hunt radon gas, we also have a simple solution to implement.

SOLARVENTI solar air collectors have become essential in long unoccupied second homes where humidity and mold spread!

In the main house, they delay the commissioning of the heating in place and can generate substantial savings.

All premises can be equipped with our sensors to dehumidify them or provide heat: workshops, various dryers, damp cellars, animal shelters, isolated sites, etc.

They are of interest to more and more managers looking for effective and economical answers to consolidate large professional, communal, sports premises, etc.

European leader, specialized in the design and manufacture of its air collectors, Solarventi declines its achievements in 3 ranges.

You will probably find a suitable solution there.

Take a few minutes to browse this site, our solar collectors are presented there, detailed. We are at your disposal if you want further details.


works with a solar cell, this range is very suitable for places not equipped with 230v.


the fan is powered via 230v transformed into 12v…. the operating cost is estimated at 18€/year, the programmable system can operate day and night.


used in large buildings that are too difficult and very expensive to heat with traditional systems.

Use this free heat with your sensor… meanwhile the prices of gas, fuel, electricity and wood continue to rise…

CAPT’AIR SOLAIRE has delivered 2,589 solar collectors to its customers

SOLARVENTI has received approval from these European bodies:


Rise in temperature: from +11°C to +40°C approximately!!

(difference between outer shadow and inner sensor output)

Danish seriousness

Aluminum bottom and screws treated against marine corrosion. Built-in solar cell and fan. 40 years of experience! The differences: the efficiency linked to the size of the sensors and the performance of the fan.


An ingenious system: recovery of solar heat blown by an autonomous and integrated fan!
for all devices: no connection with 230v = total autonomy!


Different models for surfaces from 20 to 140 m²


Silent, with the regulator you regulate the speed of the air flow.
outside air supply.
no filter to change: the outside air enters through the back of the micro-perforated device before passing through the filter.
Unlike a family vacuum cleaner, the suction is distributed over the entire micro-perforated back side = gentle suction without clogging!
no pollution, it is a question of using outside air and not “heating” already polluted indoor air.
the conditions of "theft and fire guarantees" of the insurance contract are respected: your premises remain closed (shutters and doors), electricity cut off.
no risk of freezing or power surges...which is very reassuring when you're away.


Works alone while you are away…a ray of sunshine, the cell is charged with electricity and your sensor starts
independent of the 230v electrical installation: a photovoltaic cell integrated in the sensor generates sufficient electricity for the operation of the fan (also integrated)


Equipment manufactured since 1981 in Denmark, 5 year warranty, removable (screwing), treated against marine corrosion.
Simple design (in appearance…) but elaborate! constantly evolving equipment,
SOLARVENTI: company of 25 qualified people, their Management sits at European level for the development of standards
NB: the products are protected by numerous patents, the legal department is very effective against imitations...
A unique experience: more than 87,000 sensors installed (as of 01/01/2023), numerous installations in the Nordic countries in particular where the consideration of solar energy has been a reality for several years.


Main residence: before-during-after the heating season, to delay or accompany the operation of the main heating, the few degrees gained are those which cost you the most…

Secondary residences uninhabited for long periods: fight against humidity, fungi and molds dangerous to health, etc.

Cellars, damp rooms where the objects you store end up moldy

Professional premises to limit heating costs (see our specific range)
agricultural buildings: need for various drying
workshops with often open doors
boats and houseboats
mobile homes, sanitary facilities in campsites (our sensors do not involve any additional management work)
sports premises (e.g. changing rooms, sanitary facilities)
meeting rooms
communal halls
buildings not receiving sunlight through the windows…

and all this without any management or maintenance costs
You will certainly find other uses yourself…

We do not sell online:
we wish to privilege the human relationship.