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Often used to ventilate, it can also temper a small volume.

It will have to be installed as much as possible in the sun to provide the maximum of its capacities.


FRAMEWORK removable - natural aluminum or black or white option (Epoxy paint)
GLAZING LEXAN polycarbonate treated against U.V.
FILTERED black heat-absorbing felt on the entire back side self-cleaning retains particles > 4 microns
REAR SIDE micro-perforated aluminum treated against marine corrosion 2500 perforations / m² for outside air intake
FAN flow rate 40 to 90 m³ / h | diameter 125mm | soundproof 3.4W (powered by the integrated 12W photovoltaic cell) | insufflation mouth fitted with an anti-humidity disc (non-return valve effect)
POWER (approx.) 500 W
ON OFF regulation box (M/A + air flow adjustment + shut-off thermostat) or simple M/A switch
DIMENSIONS in cm standard 102 x 70 x 5.5 made to measure maxi 102 x 70
OUTLET TEMPERATURE 18° C to 35° C approximately depending on orientation / sunshine
PRIORITY OF USE ventilation
FACILITY >> ON THE WALL: horizontal or vertical position or at an angle with our angle kit | >> ON THE ROOF: with our roof kit