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This “solar wall” will blow air heated by the sun between 30 and 60°C approximately in the intermediate season.

This heat will always remain free while the price of all other traditional energies increases!

You’ll realize substantial heating savings for years with no operating or maintenance expenses (and no taxes).

Details and installation options

This model holds twice the air volume of the SV20 model (2cm deeper frame and 50% more sun exposure).

With a Y, distribute the heat in two directions, provide a second insufflation mouth.

We can provide you with a booster fan if the length of the heat-conducting duct is more than 5m.

An empty solar box of the same size can be used to preheat the air at the inlet of a dual flow CMV.


FRAMEWORK removable - natural aluminum or black or white option (Epoxy paint)
GLAZING LEXAN polycarbonate treated against U.V.
FILTERED black heat-absorbing felt on the entire back side, self-cleaning, retains particles > 4 microns
REAR SIDE micro-perforated aluminum with marine anti-corrosion treatment, 2500 perforations / m² for outside air intake
FAN FLOW 150 to 200 m³/h
FAN diameter: 125mm | soundproof | 5.1W (powered by the built-in 18W photovoltaic cell) | insufflation mouth fitted with an anti-humidity disc (non-return valve effect)
POWER (approx.) 2400 W
ON / OFF regulation box (M/A + air flow adjustment + shut-off thermostat)
WEIGHT 29,1 Kg
DIMENSIONS in cm standard 300 x 102 x 7.5 | made to measure max 300 x 102
OUTLET TEMPERATURE 18° C to 60° C approximately depending on orientation / sunshine
HUMID AIR EXTRACTION optional kit (exhaust fan connected to collector)
FACILITY >> ON THE WALL: horizontal or vertical position or at an angle with our angle kit | >> ON THE ROOF: with our roof kit